POSH Custard Powder is delicious and creamy in taste with original flavour of Vanilla loved by every one.
POSH Custard Powder is 100% vegetarian and contains no egges.

POSH Custard Powder can be used  in the preparation of pouring hot and cold custards, custard puddings, fruit trifles and many other desserts & puddings.

Available in six delicious flavours - Vanilla, Strawberry, Rasberry, Orange, Pineapple and Mango. Available in a wide range of consumer & bulk packs to suit the needs of every one.



POSH Baking Powder is double acting in nature which provides perfectly balanced action in batter as well as in oven.

POSH Baking Powder is best suited for all types of biscuits cakes, pastries, samosas, parathas, bhaturas and other baked products.  POSH Baking Powder gives lightness, fluffiness and proper texture to the finished product.

Available in a wide range of consumer and bulk packs.



POSH Cornflour is best for thickening soups, gravies, sauces, puddings etc.

POSH Cornflour is used for making halwas and is also used in all preparation of Chinese foods.

Available in consumer and bulk packs.



POSH Jelly Crystals are loved by kids. POSH Jelly Crystals are 100% vegetarian and can be used in making delicious desserts.
POSH Jelly Crystals can set without refrigeration. It does not contain gelatine which is made from bones and hides of animals thus making it suitable for all people who are vegetarian.

Available in fruit flavours of Strawberry, Rasberry, Orange, Pineapple. Available in consumer packs.



POSH Caramel Pudding (Pudding without eggs) is 100% vegetarian pudding mix with caramel topping. It is very simple and easy to prepare at home.

Available in 100g. consumer pack, containing 80g. pudding mix of 20g. caramel topping.



POSH Drinking Chocolate is used to make a tasty hot beverage and also to prepare chocolate milk shake. It can also be used as colouring and flavouring agent in preparation of sweets, cakes, biscuites, mithais and burfis etc. POSH Drinking Chocolate can be sprinkled over hot or cold coffee to enhane the taste.

Available in consumer and bulk packs.



POSH Icecream Mix makes a soft and creamy ice-cream. It is an easy way to make tasty and delicious ice-cream.

Available in six flavours of Vanilla, Chocolate, Kesar Pista, Strawberry, Mango and Butter Scotch.